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2014: The Year of Social TV

2014 Will Be Year One
As social mobile has proven over and over, it's different and the old ad models just don't apply. Getting your 30-second TV commercial into my social stream cannot be the end game.
Look at Wieden + Kennedy's newest application of their Old Spice model for Dodge. AdWeek shares that they've created over 70 spots (amazing) AND they are doing Twitter response videos as well. This is an integrated Social/TV campaign: content worth sharing and content made specifically for social.
In this case, tied to a movie as well, it's freaking complicated but awesome. Now, if they complete the effort with more mid- and bottom-funnel efforts on digital and social, it will be a campaign for the ages. Like it or not, digital--increasingly synonymous with social mobile--is complicated and the traditional ad model just doesn't work here. While W+K and Dodge are going to extraordinary efforts, all marketers should study this campaign closely, for what they do right and where they come up short.
In short, Social TV is going to be AWESOME! If I still had a DVR I'd be able to record The Voice from a tweet. When I post that my beloved Red Sox beat the Dodgers in the World Series, I'll get to watch a hilarious Ron Burgundy ad on my phone. Sweet.
Prediction pronounced on: 16-10-2013
Prediction ends somewhere in 2014
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